MPA Requests FOP to Help Mesa Officers

The Mesa Police Association (MPA) has learned that the reason the FOP asked for a two week extension to not have the employee groups meet with city management in meet and confer ordinance talks is so they can take a two week Las Vegas trip! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We immediately sent them the letter below. This delay affects our ability to get a meet and confer ordinance in place to protect our Officers. As it is, we are already looking at a January or February start date if adopted today.

If you know any FOP members or are an FOP member, please contact them to pressure them to leave some members behind to get this important work done. Your pay and benefits are too important and are at risk. We need this in place to help maintain what we have. Tell them your pay and benefits are more important than a Las Vegas trip.

Read Formal MPA Request Letter


To the Officers of Mesa who routinely sacrifice, endure hardship, ridicule, scorn, assaults, and unspeakable evils for doing the right thing, the Mesa Police Association salutes you. We are honored to represent you, and we want to thank you for doing your job, which is not easy. Thank you all. The streets of Mesa are a better place because of you, and that’s priceless.