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June 16, 2009

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Thank you Mesa Police – Overdo Recognition for Awards Ceremony

June 16, 2009

As you know the city is experiencing unprecedented money shortages. It was decided for the first time the department’s annual awards ceremony would be privately funded. With the danger of not receiving adequate private funding for the event, the MPA stepped up and sponsored two bronze sponsor tables at considerable expense to help out. We […]

MPA’s Response to Madrigal Settlement

June 11, 2009

Mesa Police Association held a press conference 06.11.09 to defend the three officers involved in the Madrigal settlement.  The case has been talk through our precincts, along with neighboring cities that were beyond belief that it took 6 years to settle this.  Truely, crime paid in this situation after a suspect assaulted an officer.  The […]

Taser Praises MPA’s Position on AXON &

June 9, 2009

Mesa Police Association Supports AXON and EVIDENCE.COM Posted by Peter Holran, Vice President for Public Relations & Government Affairs, Taser International Yesterday, the Mesa Police Association (MPA) on its website expressed its support for TASER International’s two new innovative technologies — TASER® AXON™, an on-officer tactical computer and video-audio recorder that captures incidents from the […]

MPA supports Taser’s AXON &

June 8, 2009

MPA has been an exclusive viewer of the new video product Taser is introducing called AXON.   Members of MPA were able to see the functionality of the inovative product months ago and continue to spread the word to other NAPO members.  The benefits are endless, including: Protects officers from bogus complaints. Is activated by […]

Video of Donning & Doffing Oral Arguments w/ Expert Will Atchison

June 5, 2009

MPA PROVIDES THE BEST & MOST QUALIFIED LEGAL COVERAGE AVAILABLE! Hear here the oral arguments from the 9th Circuit Mesa Donning and Doffing case. The video is in three consecutive parts. MPA’s attorney is world-renown Will Aitchison. Who is Will Aitchison? Over the course of his career, Mr. Aitchison has represented over 100 law enforcement […]

Press Coverage: Police Union Critical of Press Conference

June 5, 2009

Read AZ Republic Article Here Police union critical of Gascón press conference 5 officers questioned about disposal of fetus Key Exert: Sgt. Fabian Cota, Mesa Police Association president: “On the surface would appear to be wrong,” Cota said. “We don’t know if this was a single officer’s decision or if that came from above. We […]

Chief’s Press Conference & Due Process 06.03.09

June 4, 2009

It is the position of the Mesa Police Association that the press conference held last night was immensely early in regards to the preliminary investigations conducted by the Police Department. The press conference simply marked the beginning of the investigations. The facts are not yet established. There should be no rush to judgment, bias, premature […]

MPA Donning & Doffing Update

June 3, 2009

On June 1st, the 9th Circuit heard oral arguments regarding MPA’s Donning and Doffing case in Las Vegas.  Two judges stated throughout the hearings that this was a fascinating and interesting case.  It was particularly interesting to hear that many cases used in arguements referencing Donning and Doffing were decided in the 9th Circuit. We […]

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