Your Privacy is Valued

MPA wants to reassure our members that we do not conduct business like other organizations by giving out your private information.  We feel this violates your trust in our organization and can even put your safety in jeopordy.

Here are some examples:

PAC- We do not list our officer’s addresses or names.  We continuously work to protect your identities, not invite the last person you arrested to your home.


Legal Successes: We have won countless legal victories, however, we honor the privacy of our members.  MPA prides themselves on confidential matters that should not be made public.  We do not need to stay competitive with any other organization and feel these aimless attempts breaches trust and respect.

T-shrits, Stickers, etc: Most professional organization only use acronyms, like MPA, so that people or members can use them with pride without getting public attention.  The only “police” organization we market to the public is the “Officer Assistance Fund”.


If you need further information or have questions, please feel free to contact a board member.