You have a resource when encountering Veterans

VA Boarder

It is likely police officers may come in contact with homeless Veterans, Veterans at risk of homelessness, or families concerned that a loved one who is a Veteran may be dealing with issues that may lead to homelessness.

As a result, I wanted you to know while the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has not yet made a formal announcement about it, the VA National Homeless Veteran Call Center is up and running and the telephone number and related information are on the VA website.  Callers who dial 877-4AID VET (or 877-424-3838) will be connected with a trained VA staff member 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The Call Center is one of many VA initiatives intended to end the cycle of homelessness and prevent Veterans and their families from entering homelessness.  Or, to access it, log onto, then scroll down to the right hand corner where it says Special Programs. Click onto Homeless Veterans. When you get to that page, on the left hand side, note the third bullet—National Call Center for Homeless Veterans— under Useful Links.

For more information:

Cheryl Beversdorf, RN MHS MA

VA Homeless Veterans Programs

202-461-1083 (phone)

202-273-9472 (fax)