What is really happening in Vallejo California regarding Bankruptcy


Vallejo POA is in a battle that none of us ever want to be in, but the major question is; will your city or county try to do this to you?

The city fathers of Vallejo are using bankruptcy to break the contract with Vallejo POA, Vallejo Fire Fighters Association, and municipal employees. The bankruptcy is self-created by the city and after numerous rounds of negotiations these employee groups have offered contract savings totaling $10 million in savings to the city. THE CITY WANTS MORE. The city wants to break the contracts. Vallejo POA members alone have given up 6.5% of pay. The city is also using the self-created bankruptcy to void a bargained 4% pay increase. The city is using self-created bankruptcy to set aside payments due retirees for accrued leave balances. Next the city wants to use the self-created bankruptcy to void the collective bargaining agreements. If this works in Vallejo could other cities or counties use the same tactics to break collective bargaining agreements?

What can they do? Vallejo POA is doing the only thing they can do at this point; they are taking the city to federal court to try and prevent the bankruptcy. Vallejo POA members have been contributing 3% of their pay to this fight, but they are depleting the POA funds and the fight needs to continue.

What can you do? Steve Gordon, President Vallejo POA has asked for financial assistance to continue this expensive battle. The PORAC Executive Committee has committed $25,000 from the state office to assist Vallejo POA, but that will not be enough. We are asking PORAC Chapters and Affiliates to assist in this battle. IF we stop this in Vallejo it stops it for everyone. Please read the attached letter from Steve Gordon for more details.

SEND CONTRIBUTIONS TO: Vallejo Police Officers’ Association, P.O. Box 4218, Vallejo, CA 94590.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE SITUATION GO TO: www.vallejobankruptcyupdate.com