What an Officer Involved in a Critical Incident Says about MPA Services

In June of 2008 I responded to a domestic violence call. It started out as the “typical” DV call that we have all been to countless times but ended as an officer involved shooting. Even though the shooting occurred very early on a Sunday morning, the MPA, including members of the executive board, and legal representation from the Napier Law Firm responded quickly and with the resources necessary to handle a shooting involving multiple officers.

The representation and support I received was tremendous. I had complete confidence in my attorney as well as the MPA to handle my needs with professionalism and care. I cannot begin to describe how comforting it was to have a solid, experienced defense attorney on my side, almost immediately, and the executive board of the Mesa Police Association present to support me. Not only did I receive the legal protection I needed but also the emotional support for myself and my family. I was later cleared with the assistance of my rep and attorney.

I have been a member of the MPA since day one and will continue to be until I retire. The MPA put myself and my family first ensuring we received what we needed to help us through an emotional time.  I believe the services the MPA provides to its officers and the immediate support I received on scene made this difficult situation better.  There is no better voice for the needs of our officers.

Sincerely, K.S.

(*Note: this member’s identity is protected and used per their permission in the capacity they approve.  We do not solicit our members so they can be publicly viewed by criminals.)