Shift Bid News

Police Professional Pay

The MPA proposed to City Management that professional associations and training not administered by educational facilities be compensated for employees up to $300 yearly (possibly out of tuition reimbursement). Many investigators belong to these associations that also provide training at a reduced rate. The city is trying to figure the costs to cover this. If you belong to one of these associations and believe it should be covered, please send a response to MPA@MesaMPA.Com. Include the name of the association and the yearly cost to belong.

MPA Decentralization Meeting with Staff

Recently, the MPA held a forum to discuss decentralization: what’s working, what’s not working, and what can be improved. Direct input from affected detectives was gathered. These issues and solutions were presented to staff with the hopes of providing a more effective working environment for detectives.

As a direct result, the MPA is assisting staff with the following items: • Researching equipment necessary to complete rule 15 requests at each station. • Development of incident command protocol for critical incidents. Additionally, staff advised of the following: • Coplink may be up and running by summer (links to Las Vegas, Phoenix & LA). • Working on basic Detective training checklist to ensure a baseline of training for new Detectives. • A Crime Analysis Tech will be assigned to each of the stations to assist with COMPSTAT, which should reduce CID’s involvement. • Discussion is taking place regarding a SCAT type unit for Metro Resources and a centralized intelligence unit to assist with communication across station lines.

The next issue that the MPA will host will be a forum on COMPSTAT. What’s working, what’s not working and what needs to be tweaked?

Upcoming Staff Changes

Five new Sergeants positions are planned very soon to handle new jail duties. A work schedule is currently being worked on by staff to provide coverage for Officers requiring form IVs and to complete booking paperwork. Officers placed on call back duty will report to one of these Sergeants during their duration. At least two jail supervisors each will also fall under the supervision of these Sergeants. The MPA has recommended specialty pay (5%) be given to these new positions to encourage a response and to compensate for the additional duties.

Sergeant Field Training

The department is currently developing a program to provide field training for new Sergeants. The MPA has a seat on this committee. Please forward any input or suggestions regarding such a program to the

Legal & Tactical Training for Officers

The department is working on developing a comprehensive training program to address search and seizure issues, tactical training, communications and ultimately scenario based training on all these issues (the Reno Model of Training). The MPA has recommended some Officers to help out with this endeavor. Please forward any suggestions or input you might have to the any MPA Board Member.

Chief to address Officers regarding Patrol Shift Bid

I met with Officers who attended the last shift bid committee meeting including MPA Rep. Sgt. Ryan Russell to discuss their concerns regarding possible changes to the Patrol shift bid. I next met with Chief Gascon regarding these concerns. To the best of my ability, I expressed the Officer’s views in frank opposition to any changes. After talking to Chief Gascon, I have a much firmer grasp of what the exact changes are under consideration and the reasoning behind it. The proposed bid is as follows: 1. Officers bid by seniority with remaining probationary Officers placed in the left over slots. 2. Sergeants bid by seniority with remaining probationary Sergeants placed in the left over slots. 3. Lieutenants will be placed.

I advised the Chief the troops were unclear on what he is proposing and why. I have asked the Chief to address the troops directly to eliminate any miscommunication. He said he would gladly do so. Therefore, I have set up a meeting for the Chief to address proposed changes to Patrol shift bid. This is your chance to hear directly what changes are under consideration and to express your concerns directly to the Chief. This is a department-wide issue. All members of the department are invited including the FOP.

Fabian Cota, President Mesa Police Association

PATROL SHIFT BID MEETING: Tuesday, March 27, 2007, at 1830 hours Mesa Convention Center 263 N. Center St. Mesa, AZ Building A (Closest to Center & University) Superstition Ballroom North

The Cops and Robbers Golf

It’s almost time for this yearly event. The MPA will sponsor a group (4) to play in this tournament. If you are interested in playing as a part of our team, please send an email to Sgt. Ryan Russell advising him of your interest. We will advise of the particular times, locations, and other data as it becomes available to us.