Act Now

The Mesa Police Association (MPA) is calling upon all members to help put a stop to the erosion of our salaries and pension/retirements. You must call or email our Arizona Senators on the Appropriations Committee, who will be meeting tomorrow, May 20, 2009, at 1100 hours. Mesa Officers have already suffered a 2% pay reduction to their salaries. The below proposals are being considered TOMORROW and will have a direct, negative impact on law enforcement and your wallets:

·         Increase the amount paid by of Police Officers &  Firefighter to pension (PSPRS) by 1.93%

·         Stop Overtime pay from counting towards your pension

·         Remove dispatchers from COBRA (25 year retirement) and place them in Arizona State Retirement system (typically 30-35 years depending on age)


The Chairman of the committee is Russell Pearce – one that MPA DID NOT support due to meetings where he acknowledged that he was going to negatively alter our retirement.  The same Russell Pearce that the FOP has continuously endorsed and used political action committee funds (PAC) to support his campaigns.  Endorsing a candidate like this increases obstacles frontline officers have to deal with politically.  This is a prime example how MPA has been on top of candidates that support frontline officers – not endorsing the candidate with the popular vote.


Contact the following legislators on the Senate Appropriations Committee and let them know they are taking more money and benefits from an occupation that is incalculably beneficially to the community – past, present and in the future.  Let them know it is not a good idea to take food from the mouths of your family particularly after Mesa’s pay cuts.

PAULA ABOUD:  (602) 926-5262

AMANDA AGUIRRE:  (602) 926-4139

SYLVIA ALLEN:  (602) 926-5219

PAMELA GORMAN:  (602) 926-5284

RON GOULD:  (602) 926-4138

ALBERT HALE:  (602) 926-4323

JACK HARPER:  (602) 926-4178

AL MELVIN:  (602) 926-4326

RUSSELL PEARCE:  (602) 926-5760

STEVE PIERCE:  (602) 926-5584

REBECCA RIOS:  (602) 926-5685