Salary and Discipline Update


In order to protect your current take home pay, MPA’s allies [Arizona Police Association (, Arizona Highway Patrolman’s Association, and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association], began meeting with and working with members of the appropriations committee (…and Russell Pearce) to exclude the 1.93% increase to Police pensions from the budget. The news so far is positive. Stay tuned for details as they occur.


After meeting with and speaking with LASD’s Sheriff Leroy Baca at the Harvard Police Executive seminar, MPA was provided all the materials necessary to implement such a program in any police department.  We asked the Sheriff to talk to our Chief and upon our return asked the Chief to speak to the Sheriff about the subject.

At the exclusive request of the Mesa Police Association, the Chief is examining the implementation of an education based discipline component to Mesa’s new discipline protocols. MPA believes this is a police best practice that will go a long way towards a more professional and respectful manner of handling discipline matters.

We hope the chief will implement as much of this program as possible. This really is a better way to handle most discipline matters. For more information about education based discipline.