Reducing the Risk to Wages and Benefits

If you care about your pension, wages, benefits, equipment, discipline, off-duty work, transfers, and so many other working conditions, you will take the time to get informed about the Meet and Confer process.

What Meet and Confer Means to You

All the items listed above are under constant risk of being reduced or eliminated, particularly in these hard budget times. By sticking together and behind the MPA, we can use an amplified voice to protect these precious things for your sake and that of your family’s.

Mesa Police are working harder than ever, short-handed, and your risk is great working Mesa’s streets. MPA needs to do all possible to make sure the city is taking care of you; financially, work-wise, equipping you properly, and safely. We want all Mesa Officers to go home at the end of their shifts. Meet and Confer means through MPA, you have a formal voice with the City so they can hear what you need, to get your job done. It also provides recourse when the city isn’t upholding its part of the bargain.

What is Meet and Confer?

In the simplest term, a representative for Police Officers meets with representatives of the city to adopt a formal written agreement regarding wages, hours, and working conditions. The agreement is known as a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU trumps all personnel rules, department polices, and past practices. If either party is not following the MOU, the matter is forwarded to the city council for resolution. If an agreement cannot be reached on an issue regarding the MOU, it is sent to the city council for resolution.

What is the Election for?

Since there are two employee groups wanting to represent Mesa Officers & Sergeants, they must collect the signatures of Officers and Sergeants to submit to the city, in which Officers request the employee group represent them. This is known as the petition process. If a group collects 30% of the total group’s signatures, this qualifies them to be considered as the representative. If two groups collect the necessary amount of signatures, this will trigger an election to decide who will represent Sworn Police Officer & Sergeants.

What Every Officer Needs to Do

• Be active in the process. Participate!

• Make sure the city has your current address as petition and voting information will be sent there.

• Update your information with MPA and sign up for the newsletter.

• Talk to other Officers about participating.

City leaders are watching very closely the amount of officers who take part. They want to know if you really do care about your pension, wages, benefits, equipment, discipline, off-duty work, transfers. Let’s show them you really do.

Vote MPA

MPA will soon be asking our members to sign a petition designating MPA as your representative for purposes of the Meet and Discuss process. Eligible members (Sergeants and Officers) can only sign one petition asking for one group to represent them. We hope you will recall all the hard work and accomplishments the MPA has done for Officers, representing you with professionalism and integrity, and we look forward to continuing to do so. Vote MPA, the proven leader in defending your rights, wages and benefits.

The Future

There will be upcoming events that MPA will sponsor to help Officers understand why this is so important to you. We hope you will take time from your busy schedules to become informed. With so much at risk, the time is now to move to defend what we have, and time has proven the MPA is the best at doing just that.

Mesa Police will be better served under this arrangement. Every major American police department from LA to New York uses a version of this process to address wages, hour and working conditions. Its time Mesa join the modern age of policing. Frankly, we look forward to it.