Police unions unhappy about proposed discipline rules

Gary Nelson
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 12, 2008 03:13 PM
Mesa’s two police unions are unhappy about a proposed personnel rule that says the city manager may discipline employees across multiple departments.

The issue is fallout from a citywide e-mail scandal in which City Manager Chris Brady oversaw punishments in early 2006 for about 500 employees, including more than 250 sworn and civilian police employees.

Fabian Cota, president the Mesa Police Association, said the proposed language could be invalid because the City Charter does not give the manager such authority.

But Brady said the new language doesn’t really give him any new powers. It’s an effort, he said, to make sure Mesa has “a consistent application of discipline . . . across the entire city.”

Last May, in a lawsuit filed by Cota’s group, a judge ruled that Brady had overstepped his authority in the e-mail scandal.

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