Pay & Merit Update



Your take home pay is under attack from all sides. Restoring our pay is our priority. MPA recently spent an hour with our Mayor reviewing the MPA’s response to the City Manager’s report to council concerning our meet and discuss proposal. MPA spent countless hours talking to council members and the City Manager about the same thing. 

We explained your priority was restoring pay (2%) and merits and explaining how it so important for Mesa to not lose its competitive edge. MPA reminded them of the salary study the city of Mesa conducted early last year showing the need for a 13% pay increase to police salaries. The Mayor, Council, and police administration are all supportive of the restoration of pay and merits WHEN THE BUDGET ALLOWS.

At a recent council session, the MPA had no comment to media inquiries regarding the pay issues. It is NOT WISE to push for pay issues when the public is losing jobs, getting laid off, and receiving much higher cuts to their pay. Working the issue behind the scenes with Council and the Mayor is the best way to proceed. YOU DO NOT take it to the public so there can be a backlash of anti-police pay sentiment, where the public can start calling the council to pressure them to not give the police anything.


The FOP went to the media and gave statements. Now news stories and blogs are stating exactly what the MPA predicted. MPA hopes it will not rise to the level of anti- police pay calls to the council.  

Equity pay for Mesa Officers IS ROOTED IN THE BUDGET. The Mayor informed MPA that the Arizona Senate lead by RUSSELL PEARCE just voted to eliminate Mesa‘s share of vehicle license tax shared revenue.  That is 8.2 MILLION DOLLARS from our budget that Mesa has no idea where they will make up for that loss.

RUSSELL PEARCE IS ENDORSED BY THE FOP AND WAS PAID FOP PAC MONEY TO BE ELECTED. The MPA opposed Russell Pearce and endorse Kevin Gibbons in the primary. Pearce is also leading the charge to increase Officer’s contribution amount to the state police pension fund by 1.93%.  To a topped out Mesa Officer, that’s about an additional $53.00 a pay check increase ($1367.00 yearly) coming out of your take home pay!

This is the same Russell Pearce that DID NOT support the recently passed secondary property tax by Mesa voters for police and fire public safety projects. MPA invested over $16,000 to get this proposal passed because it meant tens of millions to the PD.

Russell Pearce told the MPA he wants to eliminate DROP and make Police work for 25 years before being elgible to retire. Unbeleivably, he still got the FOP endorsement and FOP PAC money! FOP helped Pearce take money away from Mesa Police Families and the amazing part is he told us he was going to do this, and they still endorsed him.

Pearce & FOP PAC

So, at the same time FOP is costing money to the city budget and front line officers, the FOP is also pounding its fist on the table and demanding more money and making statements to the media and an unsympathetic public, that risks us losing more money.


The FOP shouldn’t be costing the hardworking Mesa Officers we represent anything. Please, help us to help you:

1) Spread the word.

2) Make sure all MPA members on your squad have signed up to get our emails. Click here to go to the sign up page.  

3) Vote MPA in the upcoming city representation election.