Pay and Benefits


June 4-6, 2007, Raddison Ft. McDowell Resort & Casino Course title: “Public Safety and Homeland Security Law
Enforcement Practices” This includes critical incident investigation, search and seizure, and minimizing supervisory
liability. The Chief has approved of this training seminar. Slots will go fast! Get your training request in soon! Co-
sponsored by Taser International and the APA.
Pass the Ammo

The department is working on furnishing all field Supervisors with ammo canisters containing pre-loaded Glock
magazines and ammo boxes for all calibers in use by field Officers. AR-15 Operators would receive another fully
loaded magazine. Also under consideration is providing all field Officers an additional two fully loaded magazines.

Pay & Benefits Update

The City Manager proposed to Council a 5% market salary adjustment for Police Sworn positions effective July 1,
2007 and a 3% COLA also effective July 1, 2007. Mr. Brady also proposed to increase tuition reimbursement up to
$2800. Some of Council has indicated they want to increase the amount to the equivalent of a semester at ASU,
which we applaud, and would be much higher than $2800.

The MPA is still in discussions with management to eliminate the 16 hour sick leave requirement for industrial
injuries. We will be making a presentation with the Fire Union with our proposal soon. Vacation/sick leave conversion
will also be discussed along with Fire’s proposed 401A. We will keep you informed on these issues.

The city’s contribution to Police, Fire and AZ retirement is increasing by millions. The contribution portion of Sworn
Officers is capped by state law, so your contributions will stay the same (thanks to the work of Police unions).

Mesa healthcare plans are being looked at. Focus seems to be on the 90/10 plan. Mesa is “restructuring” schedules.
Details are not yet available. We will keep you informed.

Dues Increase

Notice is hearby given to membership of a dues increase. There are several options on the table. Discussion and a
vote will take place at the next general membership meeting (MPA Office, June 11, 2007 @ 1730 hour). Please
attend and have a voice in your future.