Operations Meeting

Putting Your Input to Work for Positive Changes

We want to hear from you. Communicate your concerns to us. The MPA is hosting a series of meetings (beginning with decentralization & compstat) to help bring forward issues affecting you, your concerns and proposed solutions to management. The decentralization meeting on Feb. 22, 2007 brought forward many concerns we are in the process of presenting to staff. Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions and work with management to help improve our working conditions, making our department even better. Join our next meeting when we will discuss COMPSTAT: What’s working, what’s not working, and what needs to be tweaked.

New Excellent MPA Service for Membership

The MPA announces another valuable service for our members. The MPA and Michael Napier, P.C. has added another law firm to cover workman’s comp cases. Officers frequently get injured on the job and have questions regarding compensation issues and workman’s comp. This is an invaluable service provide exclusively to MPA members.

The Law Offices of Day- Kavanaugh & Blommel- P.C. are the premier workman’s comp law firm in the Valley. As a member of the MPA you are entitled to one free hour of consultation and reduced fees for workman’s comp cases. This is unequaled legal coverage for you (MPA members). When you need assistance or have questions regarding workman’s comp issues, please contact Michael Napier for assistance and referral. The MPA has you covered and we do look out for your best interest!

Mesa Police Operations Meeting

The department recently held an operations meeting attended by approximately 70 Officers of all levels of rank in the department. The following items were discussed:

1)How transfers will be handled.
3)Shift bid
4)Current IA investigations
5)The up-coming PERF report to City Council.
6)Sergeant approval of bookings and changes to the complaint process.
7)The benchmarking salary adjustment.
8)Fiscal condition of the city.
9)Police projects that will be requested to be funded by bonds.

The majority of members did not get to attend. These items were discussed in detail throughout the day. What follows is a very brief synopsis of each issue. Please, talk to people who attended the meeting regarding your concerns. Do not jump to conclusions. Reserve judgment until you can talk to a couple of people who were there and might help clarify the facts surrounding each issue. For brevity, not all issues are included. Feel free to contact a board member to discuss these issues. We hope this update snapshot stimulates interest and discussion.

How transfers will be a handled:

Commander Meza provided a briefing of what the changes will entail. A test will be taken with candidates who pass being placed into a general pool. The test is yet to be developed and validated. It may take months to get this done. Candidates from the pool will be eligible to test for specific positions that are announced. Candidates submit aninterest card and resume. A more specific test geared to the position will be given and the candidate will be interviewed and placed into layered categories such as favorable, good, etc… A panel that includes people from outside the unit will make the selection and have to justify their choice.

Shift Bid:

A committee was formed to assess if changes should be made. An alternative was discussed in which Officers bid first, Sergeants second, and Lieutenants were placed. Discussions centered on the effects the current bid system has and whether the organization’s needs are being met by it. Much analysis remains to be completed. The Chief encouraged Officers who want to be a part of shaping the future of the department to be a part of the process. This is discussion only at this point.

Current IA investigations:

The investigations were discussed and highlighted some of the reasons for changes to the booking process. Other findings were that supervisors need to be more accountable and there needs to be more training.

The PERF Report:

This report will go to council. It identifies the need to have Sergeants approve bookings and changes to the complaint process to bring the department in line with accepted national police practices. The norm is to have all complaints documented and not shredded after a period of time. This requires a change in current culture which perceives all complaints as absolute negative marks to one in which only substantiated complaints matter.


The following were discussed as needing funding:
The CAD system needs about 20 million in upgrades to keep it going past 2011. The department needs to decide if it needs to go into the jail business on its own or as a regional jail. A detention facility is proposed in east Mesa to meet growing needs and renovations are needed to the existing detention facility. The current 27 beds are inadequate for a city our size. Dobson Station has to be replaced with a facility that will meet our needs.

Superstition and Red Mountain were both designed to have another station build next to it (a split station). This needs to take place at each of them to meet growing needs.

All members are asked to be honest citizens in regards to the department’s needs and our current situation. Although employees CANNOT tell people to vote for the bonds, they certainly can explain truthfully why we can’t meet their expected service needs or can’t provide a service at the level they expect, especially when they inquire about it. The Chief will go before City Council March 8, 2007 and discuss police bond issues. Please, attend or tune-in to Mesa Channel 11 for further information.