Official Retraction

On Jan. 26, 2006, an article drafted by Jake Jacobsen, President of PLEA and Treasurer of APA, was copied to MPA web site to inform its members of the FOP’s law firm’s level of experience in administrative hearings in Phoenix, Arizona. However, during the “cut and paste” process, “Phoenix” was inadvertently dropped from the sentence.
As soon as this was brought to our attention, we removed the article. It was our intention to again put the article up on our web site, after putting in the word “Phoenix”, to keep you informed as to FOP’s status in Phoenix, Arizona and the issues of the APA.
The allegation that the inadvertently dropped “Phoenix” was intentional and slanderous is mind boggling. As is typical, the FOP has overreacted to a typographical error and is raising unfounded allegations of misrepresentation. We do not need to misrepresent the facts in regard to the FOP, for the FOP facts speak for themselves. The truth is far better than any lie.