New Officer Involved Shooting Video Practice

The MPA spoke to many other agencies nationwide who have already experienced an Officer involved shooting that has been captured on video. The MPA polled major agencies and studied the issues involved. After careful consideration in adoption of a position on the matter, the MPA approached the Chief’ and asked his opinion on the matter. The Chief’s view was consistant with our findings for best practices. At the request of the MPA, the department has agreed to adopt a practice allowing officers involved in shootings to be advised of the existence of video of the incident and to view the video prior to giving a statement. We also requested audio recordings be added to the practice and that a formal policy be researched for adoption prior to this becoming a reality in Mesa.  MPA will continue to work diligently with the Chief’s office for adoption of this policy. More information regarding this subject can be found at This is yet another example of the hard work the MPA undertakes to ensure front-line officers are protected and the department is using best practices to allow police to do our jobs better.