NAPO’s June 2012 Legislative Updates

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NAPO JUNE 2012 Legislative Washington Report

NAPO 112th Legislative Positions JUNE.18.2012


  1. Letter in support of Federal Flight Deck Officer Program– Amendment increasing funding by $10 million. Passed the House.  NAPO Represents the Federal Flight Deck Officers Association.
  2. Letter in support of the Public Safety Officer’s Benefits Improvements Act – Introduced in both the House and Senate. The House bill has been approved by the Judiciary Committee. Sponsors of the legislation are compromising on language. NAPO is working to include language that the mandatory wear policy does not affect an officers’ ability to collect PSOB benefits.
  3. Letter in support of the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program – Introduced in both chambers. The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the bill by voice vote. It has been hotlined; and has cleared the Democrat Cloakroom. The status of the Republican Hotline is pending.

NAPO is also working to address Republican objections to the National Blue Alert. The House version of the National Blue Alert passed with overwhelming support and was considered via unanimous consent. However there was a hold on the hotline within the Republican cloakroom. At this time we know Senator Coburn objects, but no one is sure why. Furthermore, it is still to be determined if there are any other objections within the Republican side.

Senator Cardin, the Sponsor of the Blue Alert placed a hold on an unrelated bill sponsored by Senator Grassley, the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee; thus linking these two bills and providing an incentive for Republicans to reach a deal on final passage of both bills.

If you have any questions about this legislation or would like any information on additional legislation please contact Rachel Hedge via phone, 703-549-0775 or email: