NAPO: FCC, Byrne JAG Program Updates

Attached are three letters that can also be found on the right hand corner of NAPO’s website.


NAPO Letter of Support for Byrne JAG Reauthorization

Stakeholder groups’ letter of support for HR 6062 Byrne JAG reauthorization – 7-9-12

The first letter is in reference to the Federal Communications Commission notice of proposed rulemaking on the promotion of interoperability for the First Responder Communications Network (D  Block). In this letter NAPO urges the FCC to move quickly toward interoperability across the lower 700 MHz spectrum.

The last two letters are in support of the Byrne JAG program. The program will need to be reauthorized at the end of FY12. NAPO supports Congressman Tom Marino’s (R-PA) legislation and has also joined with stakeholder groups to support his bill. Further details on the reauthorization of the Byrne JAG program can be found in the July Washington Report.

If you have any questions on this or any other legislation please do not hesitate to contact me via email, or phone, 703-549-0775. Continue to look on the right hand corner of NAPO’s website for updated news.