MPD Needs Your Assistance

The City Manager has tasked all departments with “an exercise” to deal with possible cuts needed to balance the city’s budget. At this time it is being called an exercise as it “may or may not” be necessary.

The Mesa PD has asked the MPA to request cost saving measures from our members. If anyone has got suggestions, please contact a MPA Board member or email We would much rather be a part of the solution for making the cuts than having them dictated to us. Front line officers know more than anyone where we can be more efficient.

Just for reference, the numbers we are talking about for the 2010/2011 PD budget are as follows: 3% ($4,259,319) 4% ($5,679,092) 5% ($7,098,865)

The MPA has been meeting regularly with city officials to advise them of upcoming budgetary problems and to work with them on solutions. We will continue to do so and keep our members advised of any progress.