MPA’s Response to Radio Host Blasting Fallen Officer’s Family

Radio host blasts widow of fallen police officer

It may be just the latest signal of how nasty and deeply divisive the battle over illegal immigration has become in Arizona. A Phoenix talk radio host unleashes an attack on the widow of a fallen police officer. Now, that officers colleagues are turning the tables and going after the radio host.

Officer Nick Erfle was only 33-years-old when he was gunned down by a suspected illegal immigrant gang member after stopping a couple for jaywalking. His widow, Julie, was left to raise their two young boys alone. She has since taken up the issue of ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, even going to Washington to support legislation to promote it.

Critics of that policy, including KYFI’s Bruce Jacobs, call it ‘amnesty’ for illegal immigrants. But, he took his criticism one step further. He told his listeners he was ashamed of Julie Erfle, saying, “I’m sure if her husband were alive today knowing how his legacy is going to be used or his memory is going to be used to further the cause of the very thing he took an oath for, to uphold the law, he would be ashamed of you.”

Now, other officers are rushing to Julie Erfle’s defense. Nate Gafvert is vice president of the Mesa Police Association. Of Jacobs, he said, “you cold heartedly attacked a hero’s wife and family.” Nick Erfle’s former co-worker, Sgt Pete Marconi, added “your attack is the worst of yellow journalism.”

Jacob’s critics want a written and on-air apology. Jacobs says he has “unbelievable sympathy” for Julie Erfle and her children as individuals, but stands by his criticism of her politics.