MPA/Chief Meeting May 21, 2008

Staffing levels

Once again, discussion lack of officers to patrol beats adequately. Chief noted crime is down. Told him you wouldn’t know it on the streets because we are so short, the officer in the trenches only knows he is working to the bone.

A/C will continue to assess overall manpower.

Daily field review by Lt’s and Sgts.

Continue to document disparities on the z drive.

Use of street crimes to supplement patrol was discussed. Street crimes are to be considered as a part of the equation. They can be called to assist patrol when necessary. This is accomplished by Lts.


Email policy

Department considering policy covering union use of email, mail boxes and bulletin boards.


IA complaints

Discussion regarding new discipline policy. MPA has been pushing for changes to discipline policy since interviewing Chief for the Chief Job.  MPA pushed for previous Chief to leave in part to his failed discipline practices.

Investigation should not take a year. MPA has pushed for time deadlines from the start.

Training department wide will be required for all ranks, there will be a grace (roll-out 60 to 90 days) period, handbooks/manual for training being written, and old cases will be grandfathered in under old policy.

MPD should be operating under current policy. Noting has changed yet.

Chief will schedule single purpose meeting with MPA regarding this issue.


Vehicle Assessment

MPD is working on this. There is no due date. Once this is completed, MPD will do a vehicle allocation assessment.


Officer Time Off

Vacation process and time off procedure to be evaluated with recommendations made. A committee will be formed to take care of this.

No more than 1/12 of the workforce should be off at any time. The Chief is willing to be flexible. Workgroup must help create policy. Sick time issues should also be assessed.

Discussions regarding wether officers prefer to take time of here and there or take it off for weeks at a time on a pre-approved schedule. Chief talked about how done in LA. MPA believes most officers prefer to be allowed to take time off here and there instead of on a set schedule.



Chief okay with anyone wanting an AR or shotgun purchasing their own, being trained by the department, and allowing sergeants to carry ARs. AC to make sure staff knows supervisors can carry AR.  


AWOL discipline in radio

MPA made Chief aware this was an issue. MPD will look into it. MPA was made aware that there was an attempt being made to discipline employees for calling in sick, when they don’t have sick time. MPA will look into it to see what is happening.


Fraud cases

Professional standards are working on a short form for citizen to mail in. This is being working on by staff (FLD810). Staff review is pending.


Holding Reports

Discussion held on holding reports or writing them the next morning. MPD is going to do audit as it has come to their attention some reports are older than 12 days.  Per Chief, reports must be completed that day.

Chief discussed his idea for new pilot program using civilian call takers assigned to stations. Callers could be given appointment time to come to station. DNA, fingerprinting, and minor reports could be handled this way.


Call back closing due to backlog

Per Chief, it should be open at all times.


Family appreciation day was discussed.

The possible new Dobson Substation was discussed.