MPA/Chief Meeting July 17, 2008

Patrol Staffing

MPA advised the Chiefs, Patrol continues to be depleted. MPA advised perception is that patrol keeps being depleted. AC advised they are not being taken into admin jobs, they are going into street crimes or other district functions. MPA requested clarification on street crime use. Per AC, street crimes are to be considered in the equation by Lts when determining if additional people are needed. T he LT should advise if street crimes are available and if so, the SGT then calls upon them if it gets too busy. Street crimes should not be scheduled to assist patrol in grabbing beats, but should help out on a temporary basis, when needed.

Reduced Calls for Service

Currently, MPD is experiencing 1,000 less calls for service; 17,000 less year to date. The Chief believes it is because of the call reduction committee’s work (pushed by MPA). Assessments are being done to find out more info on this track any patterns/trends.

Patrol Time off Committee

This committee is being formed to address time off including scheduling for vacation, training, basic staffing, and associated factors. This will be a 6-8 member committee which should consist of patrol personnel.

Vehicle Assessment

This has still not been completed. A master list of all vehicles and their uses will be made. The info from this will be used to determine vehicle use as well as future use. New cars will also be ordered according to these findings.

Vehicle Set-up & Safety

Committee is formed to address consoles, laptops, and vehicle configurations. This includes researching use of Tahoe in patrol capacity or other vehicles. Gussie, Davorak, Fleet, unions, MPA car liaison will all be a part of this committee.


Remington Semi-auto Shotguns

The range is working on specs for Officers to buy their own Remington 1187 Semi-Auto shotgun for use on duty. “Polyshock” slug ammo will be used. This has less kick, while having less penetration with full dispersion of energy into the target. The ammo also has lessened recoil than 00 buck or traditional slugs. The shotgun carries 4 rounds and has a carrier for an additional 6 on the side.

Patrol will only be able to carry either a shotgun or an AR, but not both. It is anticipated the training will be for 20 hours for this new weapon.


Since the fall, 97 new ARs have been deployed to patrol officers. Supervisor can also carry them. Chief noted new racks in vehicles will only accommodate ARs, not shotguns, which will have to be carried in the trunk.

AWOL in Dispatch

Discussion regarding employees with no sick time who call in sick-non-FMLA and use vacation time. There is a personnel rule regarding this, however, communications and unions/employees have a different interpretation. Chief’s office will check into it and attempt to clarify ensuring uniformity.

Drive &  Arrive

AC and Chief agree to get rid of drive and arrive program as it is already being addressed by COMPSTAT and is causing un-necessary paperwork.

Reduced Fraud Investigations (short sheets)

This went to staff, but its status is unknown at this time. This will be researched and brought back at a later time.

City-Wide Robbery Unit

MPA suggested a city-wide robbery unit. AC said he was happy with current arrangement of using task forces as is. He said he did not see this as an issue at this time since robbery arrests were up over 100% last year and have been up 38% to date.

Lead Officers

MPA again asked for Clarification for uniform duties for these positions. The Chief made a project of this and has been working on it. He said they should be able to approve all reports, but to wait until the project is completed. It is anticipated in September, the need for lead will diminish with new sergeant being hired.

Civil disturbances

MPA reminded Chief over a year ago we told him our civil matters policy needs to be updated. Previous work has been done, and a policy draft is in legal that covers the changes. Officers need this current info to be in policy to help them with these situations. MPA advised Officers are encountering these situations quite frequently with no assistance from policy. Chief directed this policy needs to be adopted ASAP.


Another Meeting was scheduled as about 8 MPA issues remain unresolved.