MPA Updates – 08.27.09

Unpaid vs. Paid Lunches

The Interim Chief announced yesterday Commanders and staff shall begin assessing civilian positions as they relate to determining if lunches will be paid or un-paid. The stated goal was consistency and fairness. It was also stated the determination may spill over into sworn administrative positions.

Stand-by Pay

In keeping with the consistent fair mantra, the Interim Chief also announced standby pay would be evaluated. AC Meza provided an update on the current status. There are some personnel receiving 10 hour standby while others flex 4 and receive 6 standby hours. Legal advised in the current financial situation, one solution may be to apply the 4/6 to everyone. Staff will begin research and weighing options.

You Have a Voice

MPA members do have a voice. Call or email your concerns to our station reps, a board member, and trustees’ reps or email

Mesa City Revenue Collections Down

For the month of June 2009, revenue collection for Mesa was down 12.6%, equals to 1.48 million dollars. The situation is being monitored, with no plans to make changes to the fiscal plan for Mesa, but if the trend continues, that may change. We will keep you updated.

Meet and Confer

This process is moving forward. Petition and election issues have been worked out. Last minute positions are being worked out. Expect a petition process and election in the next couple of months. Make sure the city has your current mailing address. Election information will be sent there.

Sept. 7, 2009 Meeting Re-scheduled

After numerous requests, the special membership meeting scheduled for September 7, 2009, has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2009 @ 1730 hours @ the MPA Office. Please attend. All members are invited.

Sept. 26, 2009 Golf Tournament

2nd annual Officer Assistance Fund Celebrity Golf Tournament

Kokopelli Golf Course

Players, sponsors, donations and celebrities can contact for more details.