MPA Saves 40 Mesa Police Jobs

As economic disaster loomed in the back drop, the City Manager had every intention of laying off 40 sworn Officer positions on Jan 5, 2009. The department had already conducted its research and exercises slicing into economic divisions, the department’s personnel, equipment and support staff. Slated to go on the chopping block were all 18 Officers in training who were in the police academy as well as about 5 Officers (least senor) from each of the patrol districts. This is when the MPA swung into action and spent the day with city council persuading them this was not acceptable. BY THE END OF THAT DAY, MPA has assurances that Brady would not lay off one single Officer. So, the MPA unquestionably saved 40 police jobs! The new OIT’s owe their jobs to the MPA and didn’t even know it.

We argued strenuously for a incentive by Mesa to Officers eligible for retirement. The more topped out Officers who retire, the better our budget will be. We can hire almost 2 new recruits for every 1 topped out retirement eligible Officer.

MPA also advocated levying a secondary property tax on existing debt, re-evaluation of the Pinal County water farm, adjustment of the fund balance, and a proposal that could bring new revenue to the city (cannot be revealed at this time as another organization would love to know so they could copy, steal credit and lie as is their standard operation procedure).