MPA President Testifies at Senate Judicary Committee Hearing

On April 6th, 2009, Sgt. Fabian Cota, President of the Mesa Police Association, testified along with other law enforcement professionals regarding future legislature referencing serving warrants.  Cota represented all frontline Mesa officers by pointing out to the senators that one in three officer involved shootings since 2000 included a suspect with a warrant.  He reminded everyone there that unserved warrants are a crisis and proper legislature needs to be put in place to make sure county agencies are communicating with local agencies.  Unserved warrants put officers and the public at risk.  Cota was also the only panelist to provide solutions to the issue and was invited to particpate in a committee to help finalize the legislation.

Maricopa County has 60% of the state’s population and has 75% of the outstanding warrants in Arizona.  MCSO currently has no unit working solely on serving warrants, while Pima County testified they had 28 officers working just on warrants.  Their outstanding warrant rate consistently stays between 2100-2600 warrants per month, as oposed to MCSO’s 40,000 warrants.

To read Cota’s presentation, click here: OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTINGS & UNSERVED WARRANTS

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