MPA Membership Meeting Summary for September 2015

On September 9th, 2015 at 1700 hours, the Mesa Police Association had its monthly membership meeting. The following items were discussed;

 President Perine discussed the 2015 MPA election results and introduced the new MPA Executive Board and Board of Trustees, provided an Arizona Police Association update regarding PSPRS and pensions, gave an update on MPA’s Political Action Committee fund, and discussed the MPA’s upcoming Strategic Planning Session on 9/24/15.
Vice President Gafvert discussed communication with membership and positive changes being made, having monthly meetings with the Police Chief, having quarterly meetings with the City Manager, and recognized former Vice President Scanio for his hard work and dedication in serving the MPA.
Secretary Zoglman discussed having accountability and improving communication with membership.
Treasurer Waters advised the MPA’s financial status was good, and discussed OAF donations.
Some issues brought up by membership are; the need to verify with Ameri-Ben in network vs out of network costs prior to procedures, and rumor control regarding Use of Force issues all going to Blue Team and IA review.
Schlitz gave the MPA a thank you for allowing PISTLE ( to hold support group meetings at the MPA office.
Other items of interest to membership include the appointment of Ed Farrugia as President of the Officer Assistance Fund, along with a new Board of Directors for the charity. Members wishing to assist with upcoming fundraisers and events with the OAF, please contact Ed at
The MPA continues to be available to its members who are in need of representation. If you need a representative, please contact the MPA Rep Line at 480-215-4MPA.