MPA Membership Meeting Summary for May 2013

Summary from MPA Membership Meeting on May 1st, 2013…

Operators of Arizona Digital Security came by to offer MPA members discounted services on home security. ADS is operated by several local law enforcement officers. Check out the Discount page to get more information.

The MPA is currently at approximately 512 members.

The MPA is meeting with City officials on May 13th reference numerous complaints about Worker’s Compensation recently. If you have a specific complaint about Worker’s Comp, please talk to or email Kurt Scanio with the information (

There are several proposed by-law changes that are posted under Member News on the website. The proposed changes can be seen in grey highlight. The new amended by-laws will be voted on by active members at the June membership meeting.

MPA took part in several Labor and Management meetings. Discussed were issues with Worker’s Comp, this year’s Merit or COLA increase, and Peer Support. More information will be available later this month about Merit/COLA.

MPA/Officer Assistance Fund events were discussed. We are looking at having a Blue Santa / Christmas in July event, possibly at a children’s hospital, a fishing tournament at Bartlett Lake, and possibly another golf tournament.

Changes to Kronos will go into effect June 3rd. The change is that sworn employees will not have to clock in or out any more.

Several problems were discussed about recent investigations that had district detectives investigating incidents involving officers at the same district. This conflict of interest issue is being looked at.

Lateral pay was discussed. The City will make changes to lateral pay so lateral officers will not be making more than an officer with equal time on.

The Military Leave policy has been approved.

Per Deputy City Manager Pombier, MPA members can attend membership meetings on-duty if they are on their lunch or break hours.