MPA Membership Meeting Summary for April 2013

Here are some of the topics discussed at the April 2013 MPA Membership Meeting…

Membership- The Mesa Police Association is currently at approximately 500 paying members, with fourteen recruits and seven laterals expected to sign this week.

Kronos update- MPA and PD proposal is being discussed and decided on by City Council this morning. Proposal would exempt officers from having to clock in and out for their shifts. Proposal would apply to PD Sworn personnel only at this point, but MPA is fighting to include communications as well.

Military Leave Policy update- Policy update for Military Leave is at the City Manager’s office for review.

Shift Bid- Right now, approximately 280 patrol spots will be open at the bid. Per Chief Milstead, that number will be increased to approximately 325 patrol officers at the bid. A committee has been formed and is exploring options on how to implement this change. Approximately seventy positions outside of patrol are being looked at to increase the patrol staffing.

MOU Violation- The MPA has filed an MOU violation with the City. Details cannot be made available until the investigation is concluded.

Budget Concerns- The PD was notified by City Manager Brady that six million would have to be cut from the budget. MPA contacted City Council and voiced concerns, including that the Air Unit would have to be shut down. Chief Milstead was later advised that they were only looking at a one million dollar cut. This is a direct result of your MPA working with City Council on issues affecting you.

MPA Membership Meetings- As of now, no on-duty personnel can attend MPA membership meetings. MPA has discussed this inconsistency in City policy with Deputy City Manager Pombier, who assured he would correct situation. MFD is currently allowed to meet and discuss association business on-duty.

Police Officer Spouse’s Bill- The MPA has been invited to attend the signing of this bill into law by the Governor’s office.

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week- Next week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. The MPA is proud to contribute financially and provide meals for our dispatchers and call takers for next week. If you get the chance, please thank them for all the hard work they do.

Merit Increase- So far, Merit Increases are still on schedule for July 1st. If there is any change or problems, we will advise you immediately. There were discussions of deferring the Merit increases for several months, but MPA has fought against that.

Any questions, please feel free to contact your local MPA representative or member of the Board..