MPA helps keep homes safe for 4th of July

Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars During Summer Travel

Summer is one of the most popular times to travel, and trip planning tends to be on the forefront of most traveler’s minds.  However, the Mesa Police Association (MPA) suggests keeping your home safe from burglars should be your first thought before leaving your home.

“Burglaries are down in Mesa, and generally across the valley,” states MPA.  “Nevertheless, the slightest sign can trigger a criminal to prey on your home.”

MPA offers a few tips for people to consider before going on vacation:

1.       Garage door openers: If you have a car that is sitting out in front of your house, make sure your garage door opener is not in your car.  A thieve can break into your car, open your garage door and enter your home.  If you leave your car at an airport or parking garage, you have the same dangers.  A thieve can look at your license registration and go to your home and enter it with a garage door opener. 

2.      Social media: Do not publicize where you are traveling to and how long you will be away on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Let your family and friends know privately, and then post any pictures when you get back.

3.      Family/friend check on house: Have someone you trust check on your house, turn on and off lights in different areas of the house and make sure a presence is known.  If you can have someone housesit- do it!  Garbage is also a necessity to make sure it is not left out for a lengthy period of time. 

4.      Mail/Newspapers: Have the post office hold your mail and temporarily suspend your newspaper service.  This is a easy way to let predators know you are not home if these items accumulate.

5.      Barking devices: No sound is too big or small when detouring predators.  You can purchase door barking sounds that go off through motion detectors.

6.      Police Alert: Let your local police department know you will be away.  There are patrol officers and citizens volunteers that can drive by your home.

7.      Motion sensors: Motion sensor lights are a great investment to detour human and animal predators.  Be sure to put them in the front and back of your home.

8.      Register with US Consulate/Embassy: Be sure to register ahead of time with authorities if you are traveling out of the country, so that if the authorities have to get a hold of you they know where they can.  The easiest way to register is through their travel registration web site

9.    Doggie Doors: Make sure you have a doggie door that you can lock.  Kids can be sent in through doors to ultimately unlock them from the inside and invite a criminal to burglarize your home.

Founded in 1996, the Mesa Police Association’s mission is to promote the positive role of Law Enforcement Professionals, and to protect and secure rights and benefits for our members through effective representation with local, state, and national governments.  The organization is currently the largest association representing active Mesa Police Officers.