MPA Fights for Less Unnecessary Calls and Complaints

Less Calls

MPA believes it is ridiculous the Mesa Police Department in today’s modern age, with depleted resources, still does not have an online reporting system to alleviate unnecessary field calls and save Officers time for more important duties. It is a waste of finite resources!

MPA takes action: The MPA met with the Interim Chief and several of our city council to explain how using an online reporting system will save us millions, with absolute minimum costs. A person reporting via the internet allows Officers to focus on more important duties. The citizens would receive quicker service and be more satisfied; instead of waiting around for hours and being hostile with our Officers for having to wait. Example of what Pima County Sheriff has done.

Some of the Council members we contacted agree and have already contacted the Interim Chief. The Interim Chief announced the department was looking at implementation recently at the last direct reports meeting. It’s about time.


Less Complaints

MPA met with the Interim Chief to request the department require local persons complaining to come to the department to sign affidavits. This would deter persons from filing frivolous complaints, with the sole intent of reducing the Officer’s effectiveness or willingness to confront criminals.

Concerns were raised this would deter people from reporting misconduct. MPA requested this at least be offered as an option to supervisors who suspect it is a frivolous complaint. MPA pointed out the affidavits citizens are now required to file for reporting a stolen vehicle. This affidavit process was adopted for the same reasons as MPA stated for complaints.

Additionally, MPA requested a policy of charging people who provide false information regarding a complaint. When it can be proven, the person should be charged with a crime. The department can provide a warning up front. We pointed out, other agencies are doing this. This would serve as a deterent to false complaints and charge people committing crimes in our presence.

Lastly, the MPA requested that the pursuit review board be allowed to ask questions when it would clarify issues and help the board make a determination. The current practice is for the board to not ask any questions. If they have questions, a complaint is generated so IA can investigate the questions. This leads to unnecessary complaints and the needless dragging of our officers into the IA process.

MPA suggested it would be much simpler and more efficient to allow the board to ask clarification questions. Even if the Officer were required to answer the questions of the board in writing, this would be a much better process.

The Interim Chief advised MPA these matters would be looked into.

MPA will meet again to discuss these matters, and continue to strive for processes and leadership that help front line Officers do their jobs better, while protecting them to the extent humanly possible.