MPA Donning & Doffing Update

SealOn June 1st, the 9th Circuit heard oral arguments regarding MPA’s Donning and Doffing case in Las Vegas.  Two judges stated throughout the hearings that this was a fascinating and interesting case.  It was particularly interesting to hear that many cases used in arguements referencing Donning and Doffing were decided in the 9th Circuit.

We are certain of a favorable outcome that will provide clarification to the federal law around September.  After hearing these oral arguments, MPA is more confident than ever for a positive clarification of law.

In recent trips to Washington and Harvard with other law enforceme9th Circuit Hearingnt association groups, MANY expressed they are anxiously awaiting the outcome from Mesa as it is the FIRST case to get to the 9th circuit compared to other busy courts around the nation.   In attendance during MPA’s hearing where representatives from Las Vegas Metro and Los Angeles Police Departments.

MPA urges you to contact a board member if you have questions, or dispell blantent lies from another organization.  It is amazing what people have fabricated!

Email if you would like the username and password to view the oral arguement video taken from the hearings.  Please send your name and badge #.

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