MPA Attends 12th Annual Harvard Police Leadership Seminar

MPA w/ Former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton

MPA w/ Former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton

MPA President, Ryan Russell, and Vice President, Rick Perine, attending the 12th Annual Harvard Police Union Leadership Seminar, co-hosted by American Police Beat & Harvard Labor and Worklife Program


Police association leaders from around the nation came to the Harvard Law School in April to attend the 12th annual Police Union Leadership Seminar, The yearly event has been called one of the most challenging in the law enforcement field. This year 85 people attended representing cities as different and far-flung as Honolulu, New York , Omaha, Seattle, Houston, and Mesa. Topics covered include: “Your pensions did not cause the problem,” “Preparing for the next 9/11 or Katrina,” “Everyone agreed: the union needs a plan to help their members,” and “Facebook, discipline, and pensions.”

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