MPA at Taser International Conference

Some MPA members were at Taser’s International Conference July 27th for the introduction of their new product – X3 and continuing education on AXON and  X3 is a fascinating new product that is capable of firing three shots at different target.  It also records every time the Taser is deployed, measures if it was a good connection and locates exactly how pins hit a target.  “The Taser X3 is the most sophisticated handheld weapon ever developed,” said CEO Rick Smith in a prepared statement. “The X3 will improve effectiveness and safety over the previous generations of Taser devices, while also providing the ability to store and retrieve more information and diagnostic analysis on the use and performance of the device than the X26.”

Picture from trainingTaser Product DemoTaser AXONCota-12 AXON

Many agencies that has not experienced AXON and were able to see the equipment for the first time.    MPA is ahead of the curve compared to other agencies, and we have already endorsed and educated ourselves about the product.  MPA has been included from the beginning and provided expert input for Taser to meet the needs of our front-line Officers. Think about how this equipment would have been beneficial for the Madrigal incident…

Sgt. Cota was interviewed by Ch. 12 and Ch. 3 about how sophisticated devices like that help save money in the long run for tax payers and agencies, like the City of Mesa.