MPA & APA Get Rid of Photo Radar Tickets for Cops

The Arizona Police Association (APA), which includes the MPA, passed a bill in July of this year that gives police officers and other “first responders” immunity from photo enforcement tickets while in the course of Officer’s official duties.

The bill passed after it was demonstrated Arizona police management was incapable of reasonably ascertaining violations of the law and Officers exceeding the speed limit in furtherance of their daily duties. Border Patrol, DPS and Maricopa County Sheriff’s were being pummelled with discipline for unwarranted photo radar tickets for actions taken to complete their official duties. It is not a crime to do your job. Many agencies where serving double jeopordy on officers, as they were getting tickets and discipline.

Since June, 2008, Mesa Officers have received 314 photo radar or red light notices. The majority of which were while executing official duties. Thanks to APA’s new law, officers cannot be citied nor can other measures be taken against them. The MPA is working with the department on solutions for dealing with the proper disposition of these photo notices.

The law also recognizes the public’s expectation that when they need us there the most, we will be there to save lives. Tragically, many Officers are killed in collisions every year, answering those calls.

When responding to calls, regardless of the new protections APA has afforded you, ABOVE ALL, WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE. We urge our Mesa Officers to drive carefully, use your training, use good judgement, drive reasonably, make sure you check your tires and equipment at the start of your shift, and be please be careful out there.

The MPA will continue to protect and serve those who protect and serve.