MOU Update 02.14.2011

Today was a historic date for all Mesa Police Officers. The MPA had its first MOU negotiations meeting with city. Once adopted, the MOU will greatly improve all aspects of the police service we provide and help bring Mesa and its Officers/Sergeants to a higher level. It will improve the city, department and work environment. In the coming months, the MPA will need your input and suggestions regarding priorities and issues raised as a part of the MOU process. Your input is of the utmost priority in helping us obtain the best MOU possible. We anticipate surveys will be used to assist us in determining the direction of membership and the MOU. Lastly, I wish to thank all who have sacrificed, toiled and helped Mesa adopt a Meet and Confer/MOU process; the council, Mayor, city leadership, current members, past members and PSA Medias who all contributed greatly. Mesa Officers owe a debt of gratitude to all these folk for helping us get the opportunity to represent you in this process. THANK YOU! .