Message from your Vice President – Meet & Confer

Brothers and Sisters of the Mesa Police Association,

In 2003, I became a member of the Mesa Police Department and the Mesa Police Association.  From before my time, the one constant is the need to have one voice to unite our Officers for greater benefits and working conditions.  This year was the closet we have ever been to accomplishing that one goal to finally be unified.  The City of Mesa crushed that goal without good cause.  Your MPA has continued to fight for your voice to be heard.  We have tried to reason with the City leadership to come to a diplomatic solution to no avail.  Your MPA decided to file a Special Action against the city to count the vote, to listen to 72 percent of our Officers and Sergeants that voted in the past election.  We continued to look for alternative options other than litigations to remedy the situation. 

In May, members of your executive Board met with Mayor Smith asking him to count the vote prior to expensive litigation.  An agreement was made that if the MPA and FOP wanted the votes counted and agreed to the results of the election, the Mayor would ask City Council to count the votes and the City Manager to certify the election giving us our goal of ONE VOICE!

I drafted a letter, approved by the MPA executive Board and our attorneys, proposing an offer to the Mesa FOP.  The offer was to place a member of the losing organization on the bargaining unit so all Mesa Officers would have a voice in deciding our proposals with the City of Mesa.  This offer did not restrict the option to petition for future elections – only to get the meet and confer process going now rather than later.  I met with the Vice President of the Mesa FOP and explained this offer.  But after discussing our offer with the Executive Board of the Mesa FOP, our offer to count the vote was rejected.  After all the talk from the FOP leadership about wanting the vote counted, the FOP acted differently then what they professed.  Our efforts to work with the FOP, and get your voice heard, was meet with deaf ears.  The FOP gave me a letter stating they didn’t want to approach City Council.   

Recently the FOP published a MODIFIED letter to their membership trying to justify why they chose to keep their positions rather than trust in the voice of their members.  I would like to express my thanks to Walt Vance for meeting with me and trying to get this proposal passed. 

We are now entrenched in another legal battle with the City of Mesa fighting again for your rights.  It is clear yet again, The MESA POLICE ASSOCIATION will fight for your rights.  The City of Mesa tried to get the Special Action dismissed from the courts stating, “There was no violation of election rules”.  Our Mesa City Council was placed in a difficult situation by management and they made their decision based on the inaccurate information that was given to them.  This Special Action will give them the opportunity to hear the whole story from an impartial party and finally make an educated decision and count your vote!

Please feel free to contact myself, or any of your serving board members, if you have any questions.  We appreciate all the expressed support from our members.



Dan Glover

Vice President

(480) 433-0043