Mesa Police Victories and Set Backs


The Mesa Police Association successfully negotiated on behalf of Mesa Officers the ability for discipline, transfers and off-duty work to be included in a memorandum of understanding with the city. Next to money, these are the items that have some of the biggest impacts on morale; productivity and quality of one’s career at Mesa PD.

MPA has been working hard to have one voice for the betterment of our Officers. We continue to do so. We are honored to represent Mesa Police Officers and pleased we could get the city to agree.


The MPA informed the Chief the department was not following IA protocol policy and notifying Offficers invovled in IA cases of their status in those cases every 30 days.

The Chief said this will be addressed and all Officers should be notified even if it was simply advising them their status hasn’t changed or if the case is pending for some other reasons.

The Chief was going to institute some sort of audit for these cases to ensure this was done in the future. Officers pending IAs should be being advised your status every 30 days in the future. If this is not happening, notify your MPA rep.


The MPA asked the Chief to allow all Officers the use of Flashplayer on department desktops. If you haven’t already tried out Google street view, this allows you to see most addresses, sometimes well enough to read license plates on vehicles parked in front of residence and pan around with 360 degree viewing of most addresses and business.

This can be an extremely helpful tool for officers doing intel or about to head to an address for contact or follow-up. The Chief agreed to do this, but this may not be extended to portable vehicle laptops due to limited bandwidth.

This is yet another thing MPA got passed to make your job easier, safer and more efficient. Hopefully, you will be able to log on soon and use this very helpful tool.

MPA Officer Assistance Fund

Mesa Badge Buffoonery


The MPA requested the Chief fix the problems with the recently issued badges. There are too numerous problems with the implementation of these badges. The Chief was unaware and appeared genuinely surprised that there were various badges with the same number on them.

MPA requested the badges be returned and instead be inscribed with Officer’s employee ID number. The Chief said the reason for not using employee numbers is they would have to be in smaller print. MPA responded that was okay, but this is what would work best in Mesa.

After two years in planning, one would expect these simplest of details to be worked out, long ago. It reminds us much of two saying: who made this man a gunner? And Badges? We don’t need no stinking badge numbers.

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September 26, 2009