Meet and Discuss

The Mesa Police Association has met with the City Manager regarding our proposals on behalf of Mesa Officers. We requested these top priorities:


·         Restoration of merit/step pay

·         Restore 2 % pay

·         Support Citizen Review Process

·         Determination hearing for administrative suspensions/re-assignments

·         Take care of Officers mentally injured on the job

·         Appoint Police representative to employee benefits advisory committee


Mr. Brady advised us there is the possibility of having the 2% restored to employees salaries, but it was not in concrete. He wouldn’t know for sure until the first of May. Mr. Brady advised it was probably not going to be possible to restore merit/step raises.


Merit pay for the year cost significantly less that the 2 %. MPA requested that for police, a portion of the 2 % be used to give our non-topped out Officers a merit adjustment this year. Mr. Brady said if the 2 % is feasible, he would not be opposed to a hybrid solution of step adjustments for police and 1.6 or 1.7% restoration of salary for other officers.


Mr. Brady does not support a citizen’s review board. A Citizen Review Board/Process has proven to be extremely helpful and successful in other municipalities, including Phoenix.  A citizen’s review process is not influenced by City of Mesa employee’s politics or political agendas.  In light of our citizen’s concerns about racial profiling in conjunction with the passing of SB 1070, in is the best interest of officers and citizens to understand law enforcement’s dealings with the public.  If this process does not get approved in Meet and Confer, MPA will be addressing this with the council and even consider taking this to the ballot in November.


MPA was working with the Police Chief to provide written documentation for who were suspending and officer and the specific reasons for the suspension. MPA is suggesting after 30 days and every 60 days thereafter, the suspended Officer can request a hearing to determine if the circumstances of suspension are still valid or if the Officer can be returned to duty. Mr. Brady said he was not opposed, encouraged it to avoid unnecessary suspension time, and asked us to continue to work with the Chief on this issue.


The city has an implementation team working on a solution to address Officers needs post critical incidents. The MPA was the fuel for getting this issue addressed. We requested to be added to the team and also asked Mr. Brady to consider a city supplemental program to our current workman’s comp to address this issue if necessary. Mr. Brady asked HR to place employee group reps on the team.


Mr. Brady said he was unaware why there was no PD representative on the employee benefits advisory committee. We requested one be placed there. He would check on it and said he didn’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have representation there.


MPA will keep you updated on all these issues.