Letter to MPD employees from the Rigsbys.

To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is meant to express our gratitude and support for the Mesa MPA and our disappointment with the Mesa FOP.  Over the years, the MPA and FOP have been there to support Lisa and me through our careers.  We were dual members of the FOP and MPA until 2007 when I was involved in an on-duty shooting incident.  Even though we were dual members, Lisa and I used the MPA and the Law Offices of Napier, Abdo, Coury & Baillie exclusively whenever we needed representation.  This included the email investigation, my shooting, and any complaint that I.A. investigated.  We chose the MPA and the Law Offices of Napier, Abdo, Coury & Baillie because they were always more responsive, more vigorous in their defense, and appeared to have no ulterior motives.  They seemed to truly care about the officers and were there to offer assistance and answer any question.


In 2007, I was involved in a shooting.  Prior to my leaving the shooting scene, Lisa was notified at home by a fellow officer.  She responded to the police station and was with me when I spoke with my MPA attorney.  Lisa was off duty, never went inside the crime scene, and had no involvement with the shooting itself, or the investigation.  The Mesa MPA represented me throughout the investigation and did a fabulous job.


Though Lisa and I never asked the Mesa FOP to assist us in this incident, Sgt. Bryan Soller, who is also the Mesa FOP President, contacted Lisa after the initial investigation.  Soller’s actions over the next few days proved to us that he was clearly representing the department, under his authority as a department member, not as the Mesa FOP representative he claimed to be.  Instead of support during this critical time, Soller was the source of added frustration.  We found Soller’s involvement in the situation egregious and decided to immediately end our association with the Mesa FOP. 


Since that time, our only association with the Mesa FOP involved supporting events sponsored by the FOP, which directly benefited fellow officers.  Lisa and I believe that our fellow officers need not suffer because of our issues with the Mesa FOP President.


With the upcoming vote, Lisa and I felt it was important that we shared our story so our fellow officers could make an informed decision about their representation.



Darren and Lisa Rigsby

(*Identity used with permission from these MPA members)