Legislation Update – 02.22.2011

Legislation Alert
In addition to the PSPRS retirement house bill #2726, the following bills being heard at the Arizona State Legislature are cause for concern. Any help you can offer will go a long way towards helping our city maintain essential police services:
SB 1525: Would restructure the way development or impact fees can be assessed, limiting the reasons for which they can be charged.  It would also change how impact fees are calculated and create a new advisory committee, which would have at least 60 percent of its members from the real-estate and home building industries. This is the home builders getting the impact fees imposed by cities negated. Cities will need this money to deal with increases in population and calls for service now and in the future.

SB 1221: Urban revenue sharing among municipalities would be frozen for the next 20 years at a level established for fiscal 2010. As revenue increases during a presumed economic recovery, money that would have gone to cities and towns will be credited back to the state’s general fund. Revenue sharing would be restored back to present distribution levels in 2030-31. This would mean when the economy bounces back only the state will get relief, the city will be stuck with lower revenue sharing dollars. This would severly hurt Mesa’s ability to provide city services!

SB 1160: Would prohibit municipalities from increasing residential rental tax rates unless approved by voters.This is special-interest legislation that mandates special treatment for one group of taxpayers, and would be hurtful to Mesa.