Law Enforcement Officer Fatalities Up 31% – Officers Continue to Protect and Serve


The month of January 2010 was one of the deadliest months for police across the nation.  According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), law enforcement deaths are up 31% over last January 2009 nationwide.  However, the Mesa Police Association (MPA) reminds the public that officers remain committed to their duties, and will continue to serve their public.


“Clearly, the deaths of Lieutenant Eric Shuhandler and DPS Officer Chris Marano have sent shockwaves throughout the law enforcement community,” states Sgt. Fabian Cota, President of the Mesa Police Association.  “These losses have reminded all officers how important their training is and how fast one could lose their life.”


NLEOMF released that there have been seventeen (17) officer fatalities this month, six (6) of which were from gun fire and up 500% from last January.  “Officers have a duty to protect and serve,” adds Cota. “The law enforcement professionals I have spoken with continue to take pride in their jobs despite the dangers.”


Officers continue to deal with the unknowns of any traffic stop, which is one of the most dangerous jobs in law enforcement.  “People continue to fight back against our officers in efforts to not go to jail, or other personal reasons,” says Cota.  “This adds additional dangers to our job.”


Founded in 1989, the MPA’s mission is to promote the positive role of Law Enforcement Professionals, and to protect and secure rights and benefits for their members through effective representation with local, state and national governments.


Law Enforcement Officer Fatalities Up 31%