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Law Enforcement Association Leaders Unite in Purpose

All the major police associations/groups in Arizona met December 20th to discuss the status of PSPRS and to review the legislative proposal submitted by the PSPRS governing board.  In strong solidarity statement, all associations and groups present voiced their opposition to the submitted set of proposals and committed their resources to defeating the proposals should they become a legislative proposal during the next session of the Arizona legislature.

Conditionally adopted by these law enforcement leaders was a set of baseline proposals that would fundamentally change the pension system for future public safety personnel.  When these proposals are finalized and adopted by the group they will be presented to the PSPRS governing board for consideration and adoption.  Failure of the board to entertain and adopt these proposals could result in these law enforcement leaders proposing these changes directly to the Arizona Legislature during the upcoming session. 

Attending this meeting were leaders from Arizona Police Association (APA), Arizona Council of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS), Arizona State Fraternal Order of Police (AZFOP), Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA), Mesa Police Association (MPA), Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA), Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association (PPSLA), Association of Retired Phoenix Police Officers and other invited guests.

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