KY cop-killer goes free: new trends & request for letter

Thatcher FamilyWe are seeing this throughout our nation – cop killers are being let go from prison early. Though states are granting parole for good behavior, space and budget cuts, killing a police officer is a horrible crime by itself and should not allow for leniency.   In Kentucky, Timothy Doyle was convicted of killing 27-year old Brandon Thacker, an Alcohol Beverage Control Officer.  Doyle was required to serve a 20 year sentence, but was released today (12.28.09) after only doing about 12 years.

NAPO has been rallying our profession to send letters and continue the discussion on a local level that cop killers should be required to do their full sentencing, and even create stricter punishments for these criminals.  Arizona law enforcement knows this all to well, as we will be watching what happens to the women being charged for murdering one of our DPS officers.

For those members who are interested in writing or calling the governor, please find his address below:

Governor Steve Bescher

700 Capitol Ave, Ste. 100

Frankfort, KY 40601

502.564.2611 phn

502.564.2617 fax

The victim’s wife, Jennifer, has expressed thanks to NAPO for their organized efforts and to anyone else writing on behalf of their family.  MPA’s friend and LAPD retired officer, Dr. Ted Hunt, wrote the below letter for the KY Governor.


The murderer Timothy Doyle bragged, “I’m a nice guy and a hero.”  The depth of that sickness is impossible to understand.  Not only did Timothy Doyle murder a father and husband, Doyle murdered a man who symbolized law, order and justice in America. 

When a peace officer puts on a uniform, he or she represents more than “the police”.  The peace officer is the most visible symbol of American government, its laws, its way of life and its people.  That is why we as Americans expect so much from peace officers.

And that is why murdering a peace officer should be considered more than murder.  It is an attack on America, albeit a solitary act attempting to undermine our freedoms and way of life; nevertheless that is exactly what it is in a micro sense.  Many micros make a macro.

Apparently, the State of Kentucky is about to be release a savage murderer who will repeat his offense.  Kentucky is likely go-the-way of Arkansas — releasing a murderer to murder again.  We all know that scenario recently occurred near Tacoma, WA.  It has occurred in other jurisdictions over the years. 

Like the blunder in Arkansas, the killer won’t stay in the state where he murdered.  He could go to any state and therefore threatens all Americans, not just the people of Kentucky.

Before the Parole Board and the Governor release the murderer Timothy Doyle, they should place a few phone calls and seek advice from:

#1 Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas; the release destroyed his political career;

#2 The families of the officers who were murdered in Tacoma by the Arkansas parolee; the release destroyed their lives;

#3  And most importantly the family of Brandon Thacker whom Doyle murdered; the depth of their pain can never be relieved, and they are your fellow Kentuckians.

Where is the sense of responsibility, protecting the public good and the right to the pursuit of peace and happiness?  Remeber that question when it comes time to select our political leaders.

TED HUNT (LAPD Retired and former Chair of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control appeals Board)


DR. TED HUNT, Principal

TED HUNT & Associates