Is MCSO violating our Constitution?

Lady: MCSO traffic stop was prompted by Canadian flag sticker

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SCOTTSDALE — For Todd and Gia Rooker, life was picture perfect in their Scottsdale home, but they wanted more.

“You grow up hearing about the U.S. being the land of the free.”

After more than a decade as temporary residents, the Canadian natives became U.S. citizens in May.

But now they have second thoughts.

“All of a sudden I see the sheriff car behind me and his lights are going,” recalls Gia.

Gia says she was pulled over on the corner of Tatum and Dynamite Sunday as a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy approached her car.

“So he says do you have a green card? And I said no, I do not have a green card. And he said well step out of the vehicle.”

Gia also said he asked no other questions – “he didn’t ask me what my name was, he didn’t ask me for my license, didn’t ask me for proof of insurance, speeding, broken tail light… Nothing. The first thing that came out of his mouth was do you have a green card?”

Gia suspected the Canadian flag on the front bumper of her Land Rover provoked the stop, but that her Italian dark skin and eyes made her more of a target for interrogation.

“He wouldn’t have pulled over a blonde hair, green-eyed person and asked them for their green card.”

And even though she had a driver’s license, Gia says the deputy never asked for it.

It took her passport, her American passport, to prove she was American before a supervising deputy pulled up and intervened.

“He didn’t even ask me any questions, he didn’t even bother looking at my passport. It’s probably because he knew what they were doing was wrong.”

Gia still doesn’t know why she was stopped.

The Rookers say they never figured living in the land of the free came at this kind of cost.

“To me that goes against everything that this country is all about, and quite frankly it’s scary.” Gia adds “yeah, it is racial profiling. I’m sorry. Would he pull me over if i looked different? I don’t think so. I’m a caucasian. My family is italian. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody that looks like me.”