Happy New Year – a message from your vice president

Dan GloverHappy New Year!  As we look forward to 2010 as a Police Department and a Police Union we are sure to see improvements and changes.  We will have a new Police Chief but more importantly we will finally have a meet and confer ordinance.   It is important to know you can be a critical part of that change. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I was hired in September of 2002.  I started as a pre-hire and was assigned to East and West side burglary and Pawn Unit.  I worked with the leaders of both Labor organizations.  Not knowing much about either organization I looked at the example of their leadership to make my decision who I wanted representing me.  I graduated the Mesa Police Academy May 2003 when I officially joined the Mesa Police Association.  I was eager to hit the street and learn all I could about my job.  Although I had no aspirations to have a title within the MPA, I did want to know what was happening around me.  I made phone calls to board members and I volunteered to help where I could.  More importantly I shared the information with those around me.  As a young and eager Patrol Officer I seemed to find myself making decisions some good and some not so good.  I was thankful to have a friend in the MPA I could turn to for help and advice.  A few years have passed since then but I never stopped learning and being involved with the MPA.  In critical times in my career the MPA and attorneys have stood strong in support of me and my family.

Through the MPA I have been through various training seminars around the country, I have met leaders from other agencies that have gone through similar problems that we face here in Mesa.  As a result of these meetings your MPA started a PAC fund.  Having a PAC fund has made your MPA a prominent feature in the political world.  People who want to run for Office in Mesa make arrangements to meet with us instead of your MPA trying to meet with them.  Your MPA changed City Council.  City council was crucial to give us the opportunity for meet and confer.

Since taking on the responsibilities as Vice President of the MPA I see more than ever how important it is to have an informed membership.  Word of mouth from peers will help our organization far more than anything I can do or say.  Talk to your friends about what is going on, look for solutions to problems, look for opportunities to serve.  If you are unhappy with any aspect of the MPA or Police Department, contact a member of the board, express your concerns and look for ways to better the association.  The MPA is a large organization and we all have a responsibility to keep it the best organization to represent the Police Department.  Any member of the board can find answers for you.  Our Rep line is monitored 24 hours a day because Police work is a 24 hour job.

Thank you for all your dedication and desire to serve others.

Dan Glover

Vice President


(480) 433-0043