Great news! MPA welcomes Retired Members!

The Mesa Police Association unanimously decided to accept Retired Members during our March 2017 membership meeting. Retired membership is open to any City of Mesa sworn or civilian Police Department employee who has retired. Retired members shall have all rights and benefits of an Associate Member with the exception of the Legal Defense Fund.


There are two options for Retired Members. The first option will be $15/month charged annually. This membership includes all the benefits of an Associate Member, plus coverage from the Napier Law Firm for general services such as wills, discounted personal injury, and more. The second option will be $7/month charged annually, and includes all the benefits of an Associate Member, but without legal coverage. Both options do allow you to participate in the discounted Verizon phone plan.


If interested in becoming an MPA Retired Member, please complete the attached form and send to us at Mesa Police Association, 123 N. Centennial Way #207, Mesa AZ 85211. You must include a check or money order for the amount owed for your membership through the calendar year. (For example: If joining in April, your initial cost for membership in the first option would be $120. Membership for the following year would then be the full annual amount of $180.)


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the MPA Rep Line at 480-215-4MPA or email Thank you in advance to those who participate!


Mesa Police Association Membership Application