Governor’s Budget Proposal 01.14.11

Governor Brewer released last week her suggested proposal to the legislature on how this upcoming fiscal year’s budget should be balanced and handled.  As you see in the proposal, she reminds the legislature that public safety is a key priority.  As your president and the APA Vice President, I’ll be attending meetings concerning the state’s budget and its impact on our city.  APA and myself have been actively speaking to those interested parties to ensure we have minimual impact on public safety in our city.  As a municipality, our members should be especially concerned with state shared revenue that ends up coming back to Mesa and ultimately our department- especially the vehicle license tax.  This brings about $9-$12 million dollars a year to our city.  Mayor Smith agreed in a recent conversation that APA and the Mesa council should work together in order to secure that funding.  MPA encourages you to write to your legislator and ask them not to sweep Mesa’s portion of the state shared revenue to assist in balancing the state’s budget. 

I encourage you to read her proposal, that can be found HERE: Governor’s Budget Plan Presentation 01-14-11.  You must have Powerpoint to view this document.  You can also go to Governor Brewer’s website at

Stay safe, Fabian Cota

MPA President