FREE Service NO ONE ELSE is Offering – Workman’s Comp Legal Coverage

crutchThat’s right!  MPA is now offering their members FREE Workman’s Comp legal coverage.  The next time you are hurt, on-duty, make sure you call the law offices of Napier, Abdo, Coury, Baillie, PC at 602-248-9107 or Kathryn Baille direct at 623-293-8980.  The association is tired of hearing how the city is denying the claims of officers that are being hurt on-duty.  Instead of resorting to an outside attorney that will take up to 25% of your claim when it is finalized, it is now covered – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE – to members with your existing legal coverage .  We have the BEST attorneys that are able to fit the needs of cops!

PLEA and MPA are the only organizations in the State that offers this to officers.  NO ONE ELSE PROVIDES THIS SERVICE!