DUI Arrests Down in Mesa

DUI Arrests Down in Mesa

MPA’s position from the beginning was for the department NOT to decentralize motors.  We also opposed the mandatory booking policy for DUIs who have ties to the community, have identification, and have been removed as a threat to the motoring public.

The most recent numbers show that arrests are down 20% in the last three years, and logically we can attribute that in part to their decentralization and the booking policy.  MPA continues to stress the need to have a centralized motor unit and work with administration on how to be the most effective with our resources.



Public Safety Tax

Though Mesa’s police budget is in shambles, MPA brought to the public’s attention the recent DUI arrest numbers, lack of detectives and resources to continue efforts to educate the public on the importance of public safety and the need for adaquate resources for keeping the public safe (salaries, bodies, overtime and updated equipment).  The men and women of MPD work hard and keep our streets safe; however it is disheartening to find crime rate statistics change due to budget cuts.  MPA will continue to expose these budget shortfalls, as we plan to pursue a dedicated public safety tax.  Voters in the last election showed us that public safety is important to Mesa citizens, and a public safety tax would help return adequate resources and hire more people.  PAC funds are especially crucial for a request like this to the public, and members of the APA will be especially helpful as they will be able to contribute to this venture.