Don’t Beleive Stimulus Hype

No New Officers

Don’t fall for all the hype. No new Officers will be hired with any stimulus money. If you recall earlier in the year, the MPA saved the jobs of 40 Mesa Officers, who were slated to be laid off by City Manager Chris Brady. After our involvement, the City Manager decided to immediately cut 19 unoccupied Police Officer positions, and then through attrition, reduce the police force by about 52 more Sworn Police Officer positions. That number has not been realized yet! So that means, if we hire up to 25 officers via the stimulus money, that only means we will be laying off 25 less from the original 52 that were planned to be vacated.

The Mesa Police Department should have an authorized strength of 1200, not the current 790 and dropping we are currently experiencing.

The MPA continues to advocate council and the Mayor to levy the secondary property tax for existing debt, and institute a primary property dedicated to public safety funding.

Lastly, the only reason the city has the option of hiring 25 officers to slow the bleeding, is because of the work of our national affiliate (National Association of Police Organizations) This is the only rank and file association who worked with the Obama administration to cut strings and allow the max amount of funding for Police Officers. Thanks to the work of NAPO and the MPA, the city has the option to hire up to 25.

Meet & Confer News


MPA disagrees with the city’s position to excluded initial probationary employees from participating in meet and confer and a MOU.  After further discussion, it was discovered the city’s position was in regards to employees before they graduated the academy, not post-graduation. There was not an issue with post graduates joining and being included in the Meet and Confer process to extend possible.

MPA will continue to fight for Officers and Police employees to have a meaningful meet and confer ordinance and MOU. We can count on the experience of our attorneys to lead the way. These same attorneys provide service to other police agencies with MOUs, including Phoenix, Chandler, and Buckeye, with over 30 years of Police MOU experience.  We are the only rank and file Mesa Police organization with the expertise behind us to handle the implementation of this new process to Mesa, and it really shows in the meetings.